Life Without Gravy Tapes pt5

prim 30/07/2021


DHP Jukebox July ’21 episode 5

A Radio Primco mix for Dark Horse Pub & Kitchen – tip-top venue set in the hills of Koh Kaew, Phuket Thailand.

Good music, good food, good banter – a good place for a good time… awesome sound system

Why the ‘Life Without Gravy’? – Because it gives me gout and I’m making the ULTIMATE sacrifice by experimenting life without it (to a degree) – but please, don’t let that stop you indulging in the good stuff.

Tuneage from all genres; old, new, iconic, alternative, indie, rock, hip-hop, punk, ska, reggae, metal, funk, soul, skank, pyschadelic, house, jazz…

This episode features: Bloc Party/ Squid/ Miriam Makebe/ Yelfris Valdes/ Dawn Penn/ Sons of Kemet/ Hives/ Liela Moss/ Pillow Queens/ Idles/ NZCA Lines/ Samantha Crain/ Kelaketta/ High Tides/ Sault

Brought to us by Durban’s Bread

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