That Was The Week… What A Week… Revisited

Back in 2000… maybe 2001, I can’t exactly remember, my pseudo crazy fool conjured a weekly ‘newsletter’ covering primarily Saigon’s local touch rugby scene, intermingled with global news nonsense, sliced with sporadic carvings of blather and pith.
Morphed from this trite cauldron of bubbling piffle and poppycock, doth emerged an all-encompassing website (cfnr – crazy fool’s newsround). This nurturing melting pot, brewed variable features such as World News, Crazy Rock n Roll Capes, fool’s Gold, Animal News, Our Story, Number Crunching, Tales From the Dark Side, What Gets Up My Goat and ze piece de resistance – rip roaring rout of rollicking Rock n Roll.
A radio version first banded about via email with audio link/attachment technically put together first by ‘Ze Frenchman Alex‘ then ‘Tech Button Wiz‘ Mike Dawson. Regular cohort Digger and I ranted each Saturday with occasional guests to grease the banter and play a tune or tell us about their creative projects.
Jump to Phuket and TWTW…WAW continued its cult form with Legend Recording Studio at the technical helm for a brief period before first airing, courtesy of Easy, my radio Guru, as a radio FM Saturday show on Radio Indochine in c.2012. This station turned into Q4 Radio, AsiaLIFE radio and eventually what we see now Radio Primco (both online) – I say see, because as we speak, the actual radio is down due to maintenance – back soon folks.
The last airing was around 2017, with a couple hundred editions under the belt. By way of posts through this site, we’ll take a regular look at some of the ‘Best Worst Bits’ as either textual, audio or semaphore, pending what I can can find in my library. Some audio quality is ropey to say the least, as if recorded in a fisherman’s toilet 1/2 a mile from Mue Ne; but don’t let that put you off, it’s the pongy content that cuts the cheese.
Now, considering it was a Saturday show, the revisits should be aired on a Saturday, and it’s also possible I re-do the snippets, to lend an up-to-date air… but that all sounds very normal huh… let’s see.
One thing for sure TWTW…WAW was always introduced by way of Death in Vegas’ – Rekkit

Previous TWTW…WAW! revisits…

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Death in Vegas’ Rekkit was the intro music to the weekly show… dig!

TWTW…WAW… Revisited – brought to us by Prim’s best selling novel Durban’s Bread

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