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Shedding Light on Love and Compassion ‘MJ fuses ambient and deep house elements into a seamless effort of an upwards drift.’ Following the recent release of the dawn-breaking single, ‘Aurora’, Singapore-born, Hong Kong-based DJ and producer MJ Kuok will released ‘Our Song’ on 19 November 2021, wrapping up the year in high spirits with love […]

But it’s gonna be… Jobby Absolutely it is. Returning to the perceivable first-world digs on the grunt-hunt after 27-odd orbits weighs far lumpier a daunting prospect than shuffling to a wanton-free so called ‘tier 2’ spot on our Planet Farce – damned right Brother (and sister… ok, don’t go there). Crikey, the world’s spun so […]

SINGAPOREAN CHILLWAVE ARTIST HOUG RELEASES ‘7 AIN’T HOME’ WITH JAPANESE PRODUCER VIDEOTAPEMUSIC  HE LATEST TAKEN OFF FORTHCOMING ALBUM ‘THE BITING TEMPO’ Singaporean Chillwave artist-producer, Houg, has announced his latest single release ‘7 Ain’t Home’, with Japanese music producer VIDEOTAPEMUSIC. The cross-border collab will be made available on all major digital streaming platforms on 14 January […]

SINGAPORE SINGER-SONGWRITER JEAN TAN DROPS CHILL R&B SINGLE ‘WHEN IT’S TIME’ A SONG FOR THE SEASON Singapore singer-songwriter Jean Tan releases ‘When It’s Time’, a perfect song for the season of waiting. Available on 19 November 2021 on all major digital streaming platforms via LEEWAY, this track features production by sought-after Singaporean music director and […]

DEON AND DON AARON TEAM UP FOR ‘DON’T BOTHER’ A BIRTHDAY DROP AS PART OF ‘MELANCHOLIC POP’ EP SLATED FOR RELEASE IN 2022 Singapore’s maestro and veteran singer-songwriter DEON teased listeners with the release ‘Breathe In’ just last month, hitting play on his latest chapter of discovery and renewal in tough times. Since then he […]

But It’s Gonna Be… Wild A Sri Lankan/English, a Nepalese, an Englishman, an Aussie, A Canadian, A Dutchman, A Saffa-(Is-it)-Dutchman and a Yank walk into a pub – true story so far – ‘who put that there?’ Wails an Antipodean brogue as they pick themselves up off the floor. Oh, they get worse. Alternative ending, […]

SINGAPOREAN CHILLWAVE ARTIST-PRODUCER HOUG TEASES DEBUT ALBUM WITH FIRST SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT, ‘METRO (4:35)’ Following the superlatively excellent debut EP, ‘The Oscillation Scene’ release, the year 2020 saw Singaporean Chillwave artist-producer, Houg, pushing his pop sensibilities and creative process through luscious grooves, collaborations, and an ever-growing canvas of visuals and vibrant textures that top each other […]

Malaysian Singer-Songwriter Froya Announces Release of EP, ‘Creature’ A Long-Awaited Personal Project Since Her Debut Album in 2015 s To say Malaysian singer-songwriter Froya’s year of music releases has been quiet would be quite an understatement. With her constant collaboration efforts with Japanese electronic pop group SNOWK, Tokimeki Records and UQiYO released back to back, […]

But It’s Gonna be.. Wet The precipitation stakes between SE Asia and Blighty congeal in a startling single familiarity… it’s wet. Although there is a range of wetness. Contrasts run into seismic cat and dog-esque proportions loping from wet, dry, spitting, lashing, sideways, dripping, ‘little bitty stinging, big ol’ fat and sometimes it rains straight […]

But It’s Gonna Be… Trippy Spots of the planet resided in, though not primarily for their flip-flop factor, although therein lurks a conspicuous pattern, where the pace of life is notably slower than their brisker opposed climes akin to the fur-lined boots lands. Yet the speed of getting about on a casual basis can often […]

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