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Written by on 20/02/2021

Japanese Artists Release First-Ever Japanese Song To Be Created Entirely Within Clubhouse App

The latest by invite-only drop-in conversation app, Clubhouse has been a hit in Japan where company head of managements, popular musicians and even politicians have embraced the latest social media phenomenon.

Japanese DJ and producer TAAR, alongside with MASAtO from next-gen producer duo ANIMAL HACK, created a Clubhouse room at the end of January called “Who wants to make a song together? (Singers welcome)”, as a forum for fellow music community Japanese artists to talk and casually collaborate.  Quickly attracting a number of established singers, rappers, trumpet players, and guitarists among other creators, a full track with the same title, ‘Clubhouse’ was produced within a 4-hour session of collaborative discussion in the app itself, and officially distributed through major streaming platforms on 5 February 2021.

“TAAR and I had previously talked about making a song together someday, and we thought we might be able to find interesting artists if we made an open room in Clubhouse as the app was gaining popularity very quickly in Japan. With the help of social media, we were able to exchange data which allowed guitarists, trumpeters, organists and other talent musicians to re-record or reconstruct their work in real time, resulting in completing the song in just 4 hours.”, says MASAto.

Spanning a wide range of styles and genres symbolizing the spontaneous nature of this collaboration as part of early days of the social networking audio-only app, featured Japanese artists include Mitsuki Aoyama, Seiho, Daisuke Kazaoka, CHICO CARLITO, Daisuke Hasegawa, Meiko Hoshibana, madflash, Anna Yano and YOSY POKARI. MASAto shares, “I feel that this song symbolizes the beauty of spontaneous art, only possible through accidents and unexpected connections among creative people, which highlights a historical event to the early days of Clubhouse.” In line with the release, a Clubhouse room called “ room to celebrate the distribution release of songs born in Clubhouse” was created on 4 February as an online celebratory gathering for all contributing artists as part of the release.

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Taar & Animal Hack

ANIMAL HACK is a Tokyo-based producer duo consisting of MASAtO and YUtA. Suddenly

appearing in 2016 and quickly dominating music streaming platforms, they have built their name as producers and increased their fan base, both domestically and globally. In addition to their iconic style of catchy and clean electronic-based dance music, their personal backgrounds and cultural influence the concepts of their songs, which are often influenced by life in an age of social media and the fluidity of consuming music through streaming. Their song ‘Franny’ was selected by Apple as the theme song for their Shibuya branch renewal ad. Following this,‘Pressure’ was chosen as one of Apple Music Japan’s prestigious “100 Best Songs in the World Representing 2018”. On top of crafting original pop hits and chill beats, ANIMAL HACK also works alongside the trendiest up and coming artists such as SIRUP (their collaboration single ‘Days Gone By’ was supported by starRo at the Twilight on the Pier festival in Santa Monica), and 4s4ki, gaining traction as one of Japan’s most quickly rising trackmakers, contributing innovative and refreshing concepts to the music industry. The producers themselves curate their own artwork and concepts as well, creating consistent high quality visual content and aesthetics.

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A DJ and producer based in Tokyo, Japan, TAAR is already a key figure in the Japanese electronic scene following the release of his limited self-produced album, ‘abstrkt’ which was released in 2012 and sold out immediately. TAAR further cemented his position with the release of 3 digital Eps in 2014 including ‘eyes of you’  which featured ShigeoJD (former SBK, steady & co, now Fake Eyes Production). In February 2015, he was made resident DJ of newly created party MODERN DISCO at Sound Museum Vision Tokyo, Japan, alongside fellow producer YOSA. The party was established in response to a new generation of house music derived from France and around the world, having the opportunity to have shared the stage with many new generation producers including Darius, Moon Boots, Bondax, FKJ, DJ Falco, and Dimitri. The album ‘Astronotes in Disco’ was released in 2017 connecting stories throughout the album with a theme of weightless drifting. TARR started a joint project with emerging artist YOSA under ‘YOSA & TAAR’, releasing their first album ‘Modern Disco Tours’ in March 2019.

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