Japanese Artists Release First-Ever Japanese Song To Be Created Entirely Within Clubhouse App The latest by invite-only drop-in conversation app, Clubhouse has been a hit in Japan where company head of managements, popular musicians and even politicians have embraced the latest social media phenomenon. Japanese DJ and producer TAAR, alongside with MASAtO from next-gen producer […]

New spin from DJ Hijacq; Magic and Fairies airs tonight – Friday 18 Dec 2020 at 21:30 – Booyahshaka

shy-c Drops New Single, ‘Castles’ Leading Up to EP Release on 11 December 2020 Singaporean indie-electronic producer, shy-c, pre-empts his upcoming EP release, ‘Solace In My Sleep’ with a new track, ‘Castles’, which is now available on all major digital streaming platforms. Home is not always a physical space, sometimes it can also be a […]



Indie Electronic Producer shy-c Unveils First Single ‘Solace In My Sleep’ Taken From Forthcoming EP Due 11 December 2020 Singaporean based indie-electronic producer shy-c has announced the release of his latest EP ‘Solace In My Sleep’. Due on 11 December 2020, shy-c pre-empts the EP release with a new single of the same title. Released […]

Japanese Pop Outfit UQiYO To Release Dreamy Pop Collab Single ‘lo V er’ With Singaporean Artist MARICELLE Taken From Forthcoming Album Due in Q1 2021 Japanese Pop Music Project UQiYO are no stranger to Southeast Asia, with a previous single, ‘FLy’ released under Singaprean independent music label, Umami Records, at the start of 2020. UQiYO […]

SINGAPORE SINGER-SONGWRITER JEAN TAN DROPS BRAND NEW EP ‘BLOOMS’, REMINDING US OF LOVE, LIGHT AND REBIRTH Singapore singer-songwriter Jean Tan has released an alternative sweet soul 5-track EP, ‘Blooms’. Made available on 20 November 2020 on all major digital streaming platforms via Leeway, the EP includes already released singles, such as ‘Serenade’ and ‘Oak Cherry […]



“Cold”-  The G3sha  1st November  2020 Above image: Ghost Mountain Field, ​Why do you hate me ♥​, 2020. Archival pigment print on 100% cotton paper, 23 x 23 cm, editions of 50. Remember that period in your life where you felt so low, unimpressed by everything, disappointed in everyone. Every highlight in your week blurred, […]

Been looking forward to airing this from the wonderful DJ Hijacq – it is as she says, ‘bit dark, bit clubby , bit sexy’ Tonight 20:30 GMT+7

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