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‘Ticking away the moments that make up a dramatic day’‘Scarlet Floyd’ This is the Day The The sang, and by goody goody gum drops wasn’t it. By ecky-thump if I haven’t had a shower, I had, its spring doesn’t we know and shorts have sprung forth beige legs attached to laced up flip-flops. Life is […]

‘‘Size of el-flea-ant’‘Caribbean nights’ Climbing trees looking for fleas, grazed knees, where are the fleas, blown in the breeze, gone fleas Flead was written and performed by Flea and The Tijuana Brass I thought that would be a good opening gambit as I stood in the kitchen making a turkey and ham salad sandwich. Now […]

‘‘I say madness is too pure like mother sky’‘Can and not I can I can’t aka Tubbs League of Gentlemen’’ Get out and walk. Yep, that’s the way. A good clean walk will clear the airways, yes that’s it.  De-fuddle the discombobulated spiders’ legs of confusion, quell the mass goings-on. Free the mind. Stretch the […]

‘Would you love me through the winter? Would you love me ’til I’m dead?‘Nick ‘Charlie’ Drake not a duck’ To play a musical instrument at the click of the fingers I would probably play the click of the fingers. Many a snappy tune played on them. I can’t be trusted with the guitar, I tend […]

‘The cucumber uprising’‘The People’ Back out of the way future, we’re coming through. As long as the bus is on time that is. That is. It is. Isn’t it. It is. Cars have been our driving force since Gary Numan first invented them in 18 O’Axle (Rose) to the differential – about a millimeter sir. […]

‘Does a lot of work for charity, doesn’t like to talk about it’‘Primmy being nicey’ Been in the country 5 minutes and had three jobs. Is that a good or bad thing? Someone will always tell you either or either. Fish was a good one, liked that. Hooked, but I had to let it go. […]

‘And so tunnels made of sand, slip in the sea eventually‘Jimi X’ A preamble to far out unnecessariness is unnecessary this week. For it has been-a-hectic, man, yer dig. H-e-c-t-i-c. No time to preamble here. Perambulation is off, fini, gawn. I’ve been generating… erm, heat? No, Power? No. Chaos? Probably. Fury? Yes. Hot damn, razzle-frazzle […]

‘Time time time, see what’s become of me’‘Simon Art Gart and funkal anyone else’ Too much time on your hands is the Devil’s brew, maybe a blessing, I don’t know. I’ve only changed my mind a zillion times to this intro already. Right now, as I sit and think, I’m listening to my new Soundcloud […]

Anti inflammatory wrapped in antioxidant. The purge of Providence. No seriously, when is it overkill? My apologies, and not my bad, as that is a term highly voted to be the purge of recent years. My apologies being the overkill comment in reference to how many posts we should be posting. But to hell, not […]

World’s collective fad’s of Dry this, Fit that, fff&*lip them… flip them all. Try the power of you, brought to you by you, available in all of you… do it in February now, for the all new you. There, if that isn’t being told not what to do, then I’m not even here saying it. […]

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