Tales from the Hip Pt23 TrackBuster – Wergulu Blue

Written by on 29/06/2024

Tales from the Hip Pt23 TrackBuster – Wergulu Blue – The Unshut Door

I met this bloke at school. He was very tall. We shared art classes together, he was very good. We played rugby together, which was handy for his height.

He’s always been arty-farty and is nothing shy of exceptional, art college and all that hippy stuff. Played in a band featured here, Mindback Feedbend. Disappeared for years and came back all things apple.

But best of all, he reappeared on the scene with some cracking new tunes, with a tale spun in. We dig, we love. This tune was mentioned in dispatches couple years ago and pops up again today in The Dog Diaries Pt12

This is what he says about…

‘Just when you thought there were enough soggy socked folk rock romps in the fens in the 17th century East Anglia along comes “Tiddy Mun” by Wergulu Blue , a tale of greed dressed up as progress, regicide, opium and butterflies, recorded in glorious stereo with guitars, bass and drums, soon to be released on all streaming platforms. The Unshut Door , was inspired by a true story, not by your good self Mr Prim , but has some resonances to your own tale, it’s about knife crime, obsession, drug use addiction, and paranoia, the nature of/ nurture debate of is someone born or made bad ! No conclusions just questions?’

Wergulu Blue – The Unshut Door


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