Tales from the Hip

‘It Is… Pt.54 ‘cf’ … Ad lib – that’s right, I listened back for the first time to last weeks rant and was unhinged enough by the preamble twaddle to want to just get straight to the amble twaddle, which by the way folks may soon be condensed into a chapter and sought thereafter only […]

‘It Is… Pt.54 ‘cf’ … Honking and hollering causing a right hullabaloo. Geese, Canuck ones at that, beeping in the morning, beeping in the evening. Must be horny season, well the daffs are sprouting so why not the bees. Light is in the air. Whoa oh oh oh oh, yeah light is in the air. […]

‘It Is… Pt.53 ‘cf’ … away with the bush beating, it’s been an arse of a week; a billion bills, vis a vis speeding ticket, driving in the bus lane ticket, new road tax, dropping my fags in a puddle on a day I don’t even smoke, dropping toast butter side down on a hairy […]

‘into… – Tales from the Hip pg/pt 5’ ‘cf’ … ordinarily yes for sure, a sequence of events could unwrap a good ol’ fashion intro by setting scenes and giving a wistful character the nod, but hey, cold beans aint hot. Jax, in the meantime, grrr, from Durban’s Bread, alive alive oh, crying cockles and […]

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