And They’re Off…

Written by on 28/03/2020


Our mate Trigger has been on the blower and says there are winners to be had all over Australia. His best for the day are,

Adelaide: Race 1 No.1 & Race 8 No. 3

Brisbane: Race 5 No. 6 & Race 7 No. 6

Wodonga: Race 9 No. 5

Bendigo: Race 3 No.3 & Race 7 No.3

Bendigo Quaddy: 1,2,3 x 3,7,12,13 x 5,12,15,17 x 2,4,6,9 ($100 will get you 96% or $10 will get you 9.6% which should be a healthy collect today).

Roughy of the Day: Bendigo Race 9 No.6

May Dame Fortune Attend You

Where we shall post weekly updates there are far more throughout the week available here from Trigger’s Stable

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