But it’s Gonna Be… Fed by Probability Coming Up Alien Moulded together, it’s what it has to be. Mould, manipulate, combine and produce. A harvested production of ideas. Should there ever be a niggling spelling, yet no doubt to its meaning, then mould irritatingly festers every time. It’s the ‘u’ you see, a complicated statement […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Like It Dags, Dogs and Twats Dogs everywhere. England is full of dogs. In Ireland they’d be dags. Our Antipodean brethren would have a dag down as a dork, which in turn could be Americano… the dork not the dag, which fundamentally is the same, but nothing like a dog. Stick […]

By Prim 4.4.22 Primed ‘n’ Prepped Heading back to the Old Dart was never on the agenda… until it was. Taking a dog was equally unscripted. Unanimously it was agreed Cherry was coming. Unanimously it was agreed Dad would travel with her. Unanimously it was agreed Dad doesn’t get a choice. Set to task as […]

Dormant for twelve years, depraved and hungry. His might once the envy and scourge of predator and prey. A trophy scalp in anyone’s money. Patiently the tiger waited. Those post the striped assassin filtered through their meaningless tasks, meaningless to him anyway. He is the short tempered beast; eager, hasty, yet on the other paw […]

Dear Diary, it’s day one of the year without turkey since Christmas day. It feels strange but not unbearable.

fool ploughs through some gooduns from 2020 dotted with iconic oldies Live 14:30+7 (Thai time) – available on our soundcloud and podcast pages thereafter

New spin from DJ Hijacq; Magic and Fairies airs tonight – Friday 18 Dec 2020 at 21:30 – Booyahshaka

Dancing boots ready for deployment on a 24 second notice… WnB today with Chow Pet Foods and Blue Gecko, Phuket

warning, may contain cheese WnB today with LS-Invest.Asia and Blue Gecko, Phuket

What’s going down at the office today? WnB with Lady Pie Phuket and Blue Gecko, Phuket

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