Dear Diary… 2021

Written by on 13/01/2021

I’m still numb

Dear Diary Day 12… Enjoying a couple of swifty’s with a couple, not together, in their 20’s and 30’s from the UK when the conversation veered without rhyme, reason or most notably now, memory, to Blackadder, or rather my contribution did (must have done) because they looked at me blank, I mirrored their look, whereby a universal miss-beat disguised time and our blank stares resumed coupled with my vague clarity they hadn’t indeed heard of it, or at least gave a sincere impression they hadn’t, prompting mild appreciatititititive chuckles on my part that they were pulling my chain… a resilient blankness prolonged revealing a complete ignorance any knowledge of Blackadder, even a mere hint of existence. Words cannot describe the dumbfoundedness (word?), I didn’t know what to think, where to look, still unsure if they were teasing me. Moments later we parted company none the wiser. There is no moral. I’m still in shock

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