Chow Pet Foods

Possibly radical, but we might not have sausages tonight – will keep you posted WnB with Chow Pet Foods and Blue Gecko, Phuket

Horses doubrie’s followed by lobster-through-the-door sounds perfic Wake n Bake with Chow Pet Foods and Blue Gecko, Phuket

‘…zzz… mmm horsesradish… zzz, little birdie with horseradish… zzz…’ WnB today with Chow Pet Foods and Blue Gecko, Phuket

Michael likes his breakfast in the morning, not in the evening, but in the morning. New breakfast cereal from Chow Pet Foods Wnb Breakie Gig with Chow Pet Foods and Blue Gecko, Phuket

‘Beef, Wellington? ‘Damn you fool, it’s Wednesday, we always have bangers n mash on Wednesday’s… and a bit of Billy-biltong treat for the mutt’ Chow Pet Foods and Primco bangers

After a long hard day it’s good to raise a hand for tea Today with Chow Pet Foods

WnB’s What’s for Tea Wednesday’s; it’s like Wagyu for dogs Today with Chow Pet Foods

That FB album a day thing – too difficult with everyday growing into one, plus we like to hear the choonz. So we’ve plucked a track from an album that has influenced us and will do till we get bored (never). We’d also like to nominate YOU… you hum it, we’ll play it. Today’ chosen […]

We may not be live streaming 24/7 at the moment, but there’s plenty in the pantry to keep up us going; shows from DJ’s pages, shows from our soundcloud link, audio books and more… These ladies are also keeping Phuket’s mutts healthy and happy and deserve a medal… Check out their exceptional tucker and services […]

Hip-hip for a couple of heroines keeping (Phuket) dogs healthy n happy Your choice of pod, current/ archived show is with Chow Pet Foods

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