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Written by on 26/05/2021

Looking for a recently written ‘To Do’ list strewn somewhere on my desk amidst the dust, mug rug, USB’s, Polaroid camera Post-it note dispenser, stubby holder full of pens, stapler, book of songs to add to radio, lists of radio and pub mixes to make, coffee cup, glass of water, eye-glasses cleaning cloth, home fashioned mouse pad from old piece of cardboard containing endless and essential scribbled notes, shopping lists (add analgesic), decorative screw holder for the ceiling light and countless other ‘To-do’ lists, I came across (nurse!) a yellow faded Tesco Lotus receipt dated 17 April 2020, on the back a list of potential fonts and formats for Durban’s Bread plus a further list of potential songs to be used as Durban’s Bread soundtrack.

Thereby and with no explanation, other than to treat yourself by reading/ listening to the book, find out who these characters are and if the ‘cap’ fits.

In order, as written, this one has an arrow pointing to Peter – the fact the story’s set in the latter half of the 90’s and this wee belter came out c.2011/12 is neither here nor there… as may also be the case in further tunes – you’re also welcome to contribute, should you feel so inclined…

Peter’s song
Stabbed downtown
‘…To be fair, it was dark and it was done in seconds, maybe they didn’t see anything. Besides I wasn’t waving my arms about and screaming like a Banshee…’
Roadtrip with Jax, Gaz, Ned and the rover boys
Car to Hospital
Rover Boys checking ‘Big End’ for journey
Mick ‘n’ Jax at the bar devising a murder plot
On way to Stanger with three Zulus
Into the abyss
Roadtrip – rolling hills
weeks drift by painting the hostel – party time
things were just fine and dandy
Peter off to court
in the Drakensberg
in the lift with Socrates ringside
on the back porch
in the nightclub with Egor
the lights on the 747 flickered
on the boat

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