‘Time time time, see what’s become of me’‘Simon Art Gart and funkal anyone else’ Too much time on your hands is the Devil’s brew, maybe a blessing, I don’t know. I’ve only changed my mind a zillion times to this intro already. Right now, as I sit and think, I’m listening to my new Soundcloud […]

Anti inflammatory wrapped in antioxidant. The purge of Providence. No seriously, when is it overkill? My apologies, and not my bad, as that is a term highly voted to be the purge of recent years. My apologies being the overkill comment in reference to how many posts we should be posting. But to hell, not […]

World’s collective fad’s of Dry this, Fit that, fff&*lip them… flip them all. Try the power of you, brought to you by you, available in all of you… do it in February now, for the all new you. There, if that isn’t being told not what to do, then I’m not even here saying it. […]

Rummage, rummage, nurse, nurse – old shows, writings, clips – from fool at variable radio stations. This news item and audio clip goes back to 25 August 2012 with Radio Indochine ! Go Topless – script Soundbyte – Nina! ‘Get it off your chest Across America civil rights group, Raelians, demonstrated what they believe is […]

‘I’m going to throw my Mac against the wall…‘ – (eldest) ‘Dad, I’ve put in the code, but it’s not working’ ‘Tell teacher’ ‘I can’t because it’s not working…‘ – (youngest) Kids online schooling is awesome. Some weird scenes inside the goldmine today, the radio live stream is off, because my radio computer just switched […]

Indonesian R&B Singer Rinni Wulandari Reunites with Rapper Willy Winarko to Drop ‘Underrated’ PREVIEW ‘UNDERRATED’ Since their first collaboration back in 2015 for ‘Independent Girl’, Indonesian R&B singer Rinni Wulandari, and rapper and radio host Willy Winarko have reunited this time to drop a brand new single, ‘Underrated’. The single is taken off Rinni Wulandari’s […]

SINGAPOREAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC ARTIST MJ KUOK NEW UPLIFTING MELODIC HOUSE SINGE, ‘TRIUMPH’ LEADING UP TO FORTHCOMING ALBUM ‘ATLAS’ 2021 has seen Singaporean electronic music artist, MJ Kuok (previously known as JUN and MMXJ) on a prolific music production ascent, where releasing music has been a constant, and the works of an upcoming full-length album, ‘Atlas’ […]

Singaporean Singer-Songwriter Charlie Lim Joins Forces with Melbourne-based Songwriter and Producer Katz to Drop Alt-Electronic Pop Single ‘Forgetting’ Leading Up to Katz’s Anticipated Sophomore EP Release ‘Only You’ Following the success of their 2018 collaboration, ‘Hollow’, Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Katz and Singaporean singer-songwriter Charlie Lim have teamed up again to release Alt-Electronic Pop single, […]

Durban’s Bread – a novel including audio by Prim – exclusively available here Durban’s Bread Soundtrack story here Scene with a tune a day – today is Day 20(of 20)… The scene: on the boat Tune: Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It

Durban’s Bread – a novel including audio by Prim – exclusively available here Durban’s Bread Soundtrack story here Scene with a tune a day – today is Day 19 (of 20)… The scene: the lights on the 747 flickered Tune: The Lotus Eaters – First Picture of You

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