Durban’s Bread Teasers pt1

Written by on 01/07/2021

Extracts from Durban’s Bread pg 1 Chpt 1

‘Momentarily, and just for an instant, the chill eased. The chimera’s wraith dissipated amidst a clutch of pines further up the hill. Winding to a whispering cluster of haunting possessions the forest soon lay silent. Time elapsed, seconds or minutes he knew not which. The night’s soulless moan recoiled and out of reach. Dumbness had prevailed. When abruptly murmurs reverberated along the dust of the rock, building, louder, back across itself, they hurried now, his way, bellowing, barraging through the vacant night, slicing at the velvet blanket of humid air, which enveloped like a damp cloak stifling his gasps. Deafening, pounding his brain, his body taught, a booming groan from deep in his throat yelled out again, “aaarrrggghhh…”’

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Durban’s Bread a novel by Prim

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