It’s Time…

Written by on 12/11/2021

But it’s gonna be s%&t (Part II)

By far from a series of rants for negativity’s purse, by golly-gum-drops nae. For it is to embrace the bendy pragmatism of reality, with it’s open-toed policy of it being rubbish, but good rubbish.

I have on good authority the fitting flips idea of whoop whoop being that cradled withing that whoop whoop B-side of Ying is the horny enthusiastic devilment of a promising Yang. B-side too divisive? Ok, Double A.

Bound in that mastery of whoop is the knowledge that any returning warrior to Blighty is greeted at the airport with a memorial scotch egg – and for that my friends I cannot wait.

It’s Time (it’s gonna be shit) – is brought to us by Durban’s Bread

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