It’s Time

But it’s gonna be… sunny! Lambasting unfinished viewpoints is akin to burning the witch. Here’s one for the kindle; it’s going to be sunny side up! Aye, put that in yer flip-flop and squish. On that point how is it some folk only eat the whites and others don’t care for the yolk (ugh!). One […]

But it’s gonna be s%&t (Part II) By far from a series of rants for negativity’s purse, by golly-gum-drops nae. For it is to embrace the bendy pragmatism of reality, with it’s open-toed policy of it being rubbish, but good rubbish. I have on good authority the fitting flips idea of whoop whoop being that […]

But it’s gonna be shit. I was going to do a weekly thing about… hang on, my mate said no-one would read it, so there’s no point explaining it. I’ll jot it regardless, as these are thoughts (rants – for good or ill) about going home… Scared would be an understatement… no hold up, that’s […]

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