It’s Time

‘Time time time, see what’s become of me’‘Simon Art Gart and funkal anyone else’ Too much time on your hands is the Devil’s brew, maybe a blessing, I don’t know. I’ve only changed my mind a zillion times to this intro already. Right now, as I sit and think, I’m listening to my new Soundcloud […]

But it’s gonna be… Conflicting The Great Leveller ‘Let them eat petrol’ As Mary Antoinette once famously said. Aye, it’s a tricky moral high ground that questions a pro-Golfer’s participation in Saudi Arabia… or is it? You talking golf fool? Yes, and the double-bubble purse being splashed for half the graft to play golf in […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Wait for It ‘What you doing in there?’ ‘Waiting’, ‘Ugh huh, yeah, I thought so.’ ‘I said waiting’. Argh yes, a great line from a great 80’s film, Party Party. And exactly how this week’s panned out. And now for some forms… Moving into a rental is not all it’s cracked […]

But It’s Gonna Be… After Life Leaving somewhere after a long time is a little bit like brushing swords with After Life… yes, that Ricky Gervais thing. Which in turn, is an ever-growing realisation how the human form of Marmite he actually is. I’d heard this before but never fathomed it’s authenticity. Then creepingly odd […]

But it’s gonna be… Jobby Absolutely it is. Returning to the perceivable first-world digs on the grunt-hunt after 27-odd orbits weighs far lumpier a daunting prospect than shuffling to a wanton-free so called ‘tier 2’ spot on our Planet Farce – damned right Brother (and sister… ok, don’t go there). Crikey, the world’s spun so […]

But It’s Gonna Be… Wild A Sri Lankan/English, a Nepalese, an Englishman, an Aussie, A Canadian, A Dutchman, A Saffa-(Is-it)-Dutchman and a Yank walk into a pub – true story so far – ‘who put that there?’ Wails an Antipodean brogue as they pick themselves up off the floor. Oh, they get worse. Alternative ending, […]

But It’s Gonna be.. Wet The precipitation stakes between SE Asia and Blighty congeal in a startling single familiarity… it’s wet. Although there is a range of wetness. Contrasts run into seismic cat and dog-esque proportions loping from wet, dry, spitting, lashing, sideways, dripping, ‘little bitty stinging, big ol’ fat and sometimes it rains straight […]

But It’s Gonna Be… Trippy Spots of the planet resided in, though not primarily for their flip-flop factor, although therein lurks a conspicuous pattern, where the pace of life is notably slower than their brisker opposed climes akin to the fur-lined boots lands. Yet the speed of getting about on a casual basis can often […]

But it’s gonna be… sunny! Lambasting unfinished viewpoints is akin to burning the witch. Here’s one for the kindle; it’s going to be sunny side up! Aye, put that in yer flip-flop and squish. On that point how is it some folk only eat the whites and others don’t care for the yolk (ugh!). One […]

But it’s gonna be s%&t (Part II) By far from a series of rants for negativity’s purse, by golly-gum-drops nae. For it is to embrace the bendy pragmatism of reality, with it’s open-toed policy of it being rubbish, but good rubbish. I have on good authority the fitting flips idea of whoop whoop being that […]

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