Written by on 21/06/2024

Right, in this 15 minute window I should be cracking on tidying up this week’s edition of Tales from the Hip Pt22 – and letting you know the serialisation of this book is available to buy now

…but, I can’t get this little cracker out of my head, and how suitable it is for today and the weekend…

Stomp by The Brothers Johnson, from the 1980 Light Up the Night album

I was up with the lark this morning, off to work in that there land over there, where they don’t talk like we do, do they doh la. Only to find the lark had been up and at ’em for ages, on this fine sunny northern hemisphere summer solstice morning.

Then I heard the chief big wig king of the druids on the radio, the brilliantly named, Archdruid of Stonehenge and Britain, not his his real name, that’s Rollo Maughfling (even better) speak eloquently and happily, in fact it was fluid druid, on all things bent. But he was good and the sun doth shine.

Then Clive Myrie had his go on Desert Island Discs, with this belter depicting a good mood strut, which also fitted, I thought, with the summer solstice – i.e. the northern hemisphere’s longest day and shortest night and obviously vice versa for our antipidean, where it seems they get get to stomp that little bit extra at night…

…anyhoo, explanation, over, time for a sandwich – hope you like the track and Tales from the Hip



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