The Dog Diaries

In Pt 17 Jax… well you’ll have to find out for yourself… here Mindback Feedbend track of the week with Shake Your World

with Alf on tuneage

Alf brings in this weeks Track Buster – the perfect track saddling onto what’s happening in this week’s edition of Tales from the Hip Alf … Look Ahead is the fit for Pt16 – buy Tales from the Hip now I met Alf in Phuket in 2000 and chocolate – great guitarist and wearer of […]

With this week’s Track of the Week from Ry Robson and …Get Evil The script, should you choose to read and not listen… Intro tune: Rekkit Song – Fontaines DC – Starburster The Dog Diaries Pt4 – first published as; It’s Time… Pt11 – But it’s gonna be… Keeping the Wheels on Track (as and […]

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