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Created on 05/07/2019

Our 30 second textual snippet to accompany this week`s fav-tuneage comes succumbed to wearing socks in the morning and tissues tucked in your T-shirt sleeve.

Africa Express – Johannesburg reeks of deep throated house harmony bedding a Django twang. Welsh Gruff Rhys vocals rumble aside his namesake along with a zillion other guests on this track and the subsequent album Egoli, meaning City of Gold in Xhosa. I say that with conviction having recently caught up with a pal from Jo`burg whom I haven’t seen in 24 years. Xhosa he was familiar with but not the band nor this song, so I didn’t labour the point and switched to defibrillators being everywhere and British seagulls are albatross drones rebuilt from left-over Messerschmitt and countryside wood pigeons could feed a family of four for a week

Africa Express- Johannesburg from the Album Egoli comes out 12 July via their own label (Africa Express) and available for delivery by a defibrillator carrying seagull swooping out of the sun near you.

brought to us by Primco burgers…

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