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Created on 09/08/2019

Our 30 second textual snippet to accompany this week’s Blighty edition of fav-tuneage comes from the uniformed sock drawer of conformity knowing that everything has its place for convenience sake.

For three months plus now this ol’ cracker has been booming at the Fav-tuneage door but for whatever reason slipped through the goldfish brained net come Friday’s publication – Roisin Murphy – Incapable allows the shoulders to bop amicably while said goldfish brain wanders aimlessly in the world of durge, momentarily pulsing rigorously to the current film fads of rejuvenating ex druggie rock n roller’s rise to stardom via quasi-Holly-docu-nostalgism, which on the whole work well (Freddie, Elton, Springsteen, rave culture in Britain ‘84-‘92) but are making Chefs dominance being the modern rock n roll star look positively corduroy and Wimpey burgers. Drizzle is the hardest non complicated term in TV-chef-ingdom these days, in turn noting ‘embossed wallpaper’ the amateur fad-vocab for home decorating reality TV programmes, thereby squeezing the modernist retro out from a light twist of twat. I wanted to talk about Scottish words ‘inver’ and ‘kil’, beauty, headlights, Thailand and listening to the Ashes on the radio but time is up. Meantime do check out Roisin’s tuny-loveliness.

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