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Created on 19/07/2019

By Prim 19 July 2019

Our 30 second textual snippet to accompany this week’s Blighty edition of fav-tuneage comes from the sock wearing, slightly soggier continuously abundant cabbage variety north.

Words fail me this week, quite literally, as operations herein are typed on a laptop built C.1947 that is so slow it makes a steam-rolling motorway queue fly by like a rocket to the moon, which we are most definitely not going to talk about this week, as there is quite clearly more BBC coverage on this than afforded to Glastonbury, which is saying something, should you be unaware; really who gives a flipside unless you were there. Aaarrrggghhh, this aged antiquity of the written word machine seems to have been in honour of Alan Turing (new face on the backside of the 50-nicker-note), given the keyboard is some coded enigma of Chinese/Thai/ symbols making a lottery to decipher; QWERTY it is and isn\t@$!

So in plain Thinglishanese it has been a labourious process writing dispatches as every icon on the keypad\s real symbol is one to the left unless using shift, which is semi=colon under a capital c with an added squiggle while hovering ever so slightly over the escape route – all in all takes approximately one hour to complete a 6-minute task.

If that wasn’t enough fav-tuneage is generally comprised of new sounds but to hell with the knockers and begrudgers, we’re in the land where pea-wet and dafty’s rule so there can be only one… The Fall – Hit the North

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    Hit The North

    The Fall

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