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Created on 26/07/2019

By Prim 26 July 2019

Our 30 second textual snippet to accompany this week’s Blighty edition of fav-tuneage comes from the shopping trolly’s of the canal’s unite brigade.

They’re all shiny new these days with wheels that hardly wobble and veer amicably from Germanic heritage to revamped 1970’s British classics, holding their own against the middle-classed guns of statured insignia returning your pound after every visit thus saving the waterways up and down the land from the joining the Cortina insurance job, which in turn has rendered most fish homes in Britain just that, clean enough to house our scaly friends once more in the veritable sober veins of Britain, unless ye tread in the beer coloured waters up Ingleton (due the iron ore we think) where hard work on the knees on the way down hopes you’ll zoom round the supermarket later in one easy sweep ignoring your Philistine co-shopper’s insistence to quantify the carrots when all along it’s Metronomy – Salted Carmel Ice Cream we all want off their album Metronomy Forever released via Because Music on 13 September 2019.

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    Salted Caramel Ice Cream


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