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Created on 12/07/2019

By Prim 12 July 2019

Our 30 second textual snippet to accompany this week’s Blighty edition of fav-tuneage comes from the tumbling gardens of Kent where venison turns into juicy succulent bolognaise-sauce-ragu-ness yum.

Back in sync to ’76 when Blighty was melting under a drought-fused heat wave that stopped a nation Weather Report – Black Market was aptly buzzing the radar(io). Music could be surmised a form of energy, a battery if you like (if you’re mental!) and given Blighty is generally ‘fresh’ on the temperature-scales an active lifestyle has to be generated to keep warm. The fuel of love is food, lots of it; home visits are a world of non-stop eating (at least by me). To justify my non-stop eating I took to shifting bricks around my parents back garden. Further digging and sifting, which is similar to lugging but without the ‘s’, I unearthed a whale tibia and Roman potato.

For breakfast next morning we jumped on a train to London and said, ‘wow’ to the countryside and, ‘ooh’ to the city. The weather stayed fine but we still ate half of Old Smokey. Weather Report – Black Market was this week’s song of choice and interestingly enough Tycho’s new LP Weather comes out today, 12 July 2019 via Mom + Pop

Fav-tuneage is brought to us by Primco Patties…

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