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Written by on 11/06/2021

Indonesian Singer-songwriter, Rama Davis’ Debut EP, ‘Here It Goes..’ Represents His Life Through His Love for Indie Pop

Indonesian singer-songwriter, Rama Davis, released his debut EP titled, Here It Goes…’,  on April 9th, 2021 on all major digital streaming platforms. 

The EP,Here It Goes…’ is Rama’s gift to his fans. It also serves as a  brief reminder to the artist himself of what has happened in his life personally in these recent few years. Self-written and with the help of some help from music industry friends from all over the world including yowha (Johannes Harijanto), Pradipta Beawiharta, KAYE (Kirana Putri Wahyudewi), Kevin Ruenda, Ivan Gojaya, and Grammy award-winning, Leon Zervos who has mastered songs for Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Troye Sivan, the EP, ‘Here It Goes…’. was made possible through long-distance Zoom calls from Jakarta and Perth since 2020.

The 5 tracks in this debut EP have a unique continuation from one another. The EP starts off with the first track, Better on You (released in October 2020), which tells a story of falling in love at the wrong time and with the wrong person. ‘I’m Okay’ (released in February 2021) goes through the notion of a  then fresh out of a relationship and in the process of realization that in order to love others, self-love is the most important. This is followed by ‘How Are You, Home?, being the third and focus track in this EP, and of learning how to let go.Rama shares,’ The first 3 songs in the EP are mostly about how to know yourself and how to prepare ourselves to become stronger to face the world. With that for the remaining 2 tracks, ‘Here It Goes…’ and ‘Let’s Go Far’, I invite (and challenge) listeners to step out of their comfort zone and be stronger individuals.”

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Rama Davis is an Indonesian singer and songwriter, who is based in Australia. Rama’s first single with Melly Goeslaw titled, ‘I Do’ was part of the original soundtrack from the movie, ‘Eiffel I’m In Love 2’, which was nominated for Best Original Soundtrack in AMI Awards in 2018. Rama Davis has also released his own songs including ‘Teman’, ‘Bertahun Lamanya’, ‘Fly The Airplane’, also a collaborative duet with Alika, ‘Sudah Sudahlah’, and ‘Fling or Feeling’.

With the release of his debut EP, ‘Here It Goes…’, Rama Davis hopes to continue pushing out new music in the upcoming months in Southeast Asia, as well as continue to represent and champion Indonesia through his music.

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