Durban’s Bread snippets (#2) – ‘Red Eyes’

Written by on 02/09/2021

A snippet from Durban’s Bread – Prim’s best selling novel (so far!)

The other day I saw my daughter’s friend walking along merrily talking to herself. A couple days later my neighbour’s caught me doing the same. Today, on the way to the bank, some ‘road debris’ I clocked was a pair of high quality shoes, socks inside, a dead cat and three hats… what’s behind those different scenario’s I thought…

A wee slice from Durban’s Bread – Chpt1…

‘A streak of sun-kissed motes slashed across his wiry tanned torso as he lay motionless, trying to recall the nightmare. The third nightmare since he was stabbed, at least as far as he could remember, for it was often murmured amongst guests who’d heard melancholic moans during the night and with inconspicuous turns they would lend a sympathetic and somewhat curious glance his way, much to his embarrassed amusement. However apparent the scar across his face may have been, it was his eyes that gave way to a different wound.

From what he recalled this time, was that each dream was scraped from the same ilk, but each time they dipped further into a demonic journey of ghostly howls that pursued him into the night.

He’d caught glimpses of his demon this time and it disturbed him. Even now, as he lay awake sprawled on the top bunk, a sharp tingle sparked through his body.’

Durban’s Bread – a true story of attempted murder and its consequences – available here

This track reminded me of those so many incidents… ‘surrounded by the night…

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