Upcoming Eclectic Artist RINES Confronts Heartbreak Head-On with

Space Disco Single, ‘When You Fall’

Out NOW – 17 September 2021

Since starting her music career this year, Singaporean artist RINES has refused to stick to 1 genre. Calling herself an eclectic artist through the exploration of fusing different genres and sounds, RINES is known to draw inspiration from her experiences. With her ever-changing vocals, RINES tells compelling stories that are reflective of the many personalities she holds, and evident in her previous singles, ‘Kiss Me In the Rain’ and ‘Clown’. Her brand new single, ‘When You Fall’ will be made available on all digital streaming platforms on 17 September 2021, Friday.

When You Fall

Working with Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jaye Locke (LAUV, Mikky Ekko), and in-demand drummer and producer, Efajemue Etorama, Jr. (Moonchild, Common Souls, Kanye West & The Sunday School Choir), ‘When You Fall’ is made up of a blend of warm space disco grooves, a music trait that is evident in Locke’s expertise, lending itself to the creation of an unforgettable new classic.

How does the heart break when the stars don’t align? When You Fall’ is one for all the almost-lovers. I wrote this song while confronting the bittersweet memories of a situationship with an almost-lover. Having to confront yourself through the inevitable grief of losing that special someone and yet not really. And to have to accept it even though it’s too late and you’ve already fallen, ” explains RINES.

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RINES identifies herself as an eclectic artist. Refusing to be tied down to one genre, she explores the fusion of different genres and sounds, and considers her music as an experience in a theme park — there’s a ride for everyone. Drawing inspiration from her experiences, RINES tells compelling stories with her ever-changing vocals, a reflection of many personalities she holds, evident in her previous singles including lo-fi pop ‘Kiss Me In the Rain’, the thunderous dark themed ‘Clown’, and ‘Closer’.  Using her music as a medium to speak on unspeakable issues related to mental health and trauma, a sense of solidarity is created with her audience.

RINES is all about rising above the worst life could bring, finding joy and a reason to

dance amidst misery.

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