It’s Time…

Written by on 05/11/2021

But it’s gonna be shit.

I was going to do a weekly thing about… hang on, my mate said no-one would read it, so there’s no point explaining it. I’ll jot it regardless, as these are thoughts (rants – for good or ill) about going home…


Scared would be an understatement… no hold up, that’s balderdash, pure and simple. Scared is a blind fallacy. What is the word…disappointed, confused, angry bewildered; marginally close, but not accurate ether. Perhaps it’s merely, or more’s to the point just socks.

Going home after 25+ years of waking to a shorts n flip flops kinda day renders the thought of restraining my tootsies in socks n boots a very gout unfriendly prejudice. Aye, stick that in your woke pipe and bitches, where’s the fight for feet-freedom. I think, because truth is I’m not even sure what woke means and where the ‘and bitches’ came from I don’t know. I do know your can buy footwear made from eucalyptus trees, potato milk and the new fad diet diet will be Climatarian, so we’ve got that to look forward to I suppose.

Ok, enough for this week.

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