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This news item audio clip (with full script) goes back to 25 August 2012 when fool was at Radio Indochine

Here he discusses new words through the ages and what went on that week in in 1954, with music from Guitar Slim…


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‘What are Wordsworth

‘Watergate’ and ‘Chillax’ are among top 100 most influential English words

‘Watergate’ and ‘chillax’ have emerged as two of the most important words in the history of English, according to an academic study.

David Crystal, Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor, has picked out 100 words to illustrate the changing face of the language from medieval times.

His choices reflect popular culture over the centuries and the development of the internet and text messaging in recent decades.

For the Anglo Saxon period Prof Crystal included ‘mead’, ‘street’ and ‘lea’. For the medieval era he has opted for pork, dame and royal.

The words chosen for the period between Shakespeare and the King James Bible – ‘alphabet’, ‘dialect’, ‘shibboleth’ (custom, belief, principle to distinguish a particular class or group of people) and ‘potato’ will all be familiar to modern readers.

But other words for more recent centuries will be a bit more challenging such as ‘fopdoodle’ – a term for an insignificant fool.

The political history of the 1970s is reflected in the choice of ‘Watergate’, referring to the scandal which led to Richard Nixon being forced to surrender the US presidency.

Other bits of slang have also been chosen including dude.

Recently technology is reflected with ‘LOL’, arguably the most commonly used text messaging abbreviation of all and ‘chillax’, a recent introduction combining chill and relax.

Song 1: Guitar Slim – Down Through the Years

Flamboyance was the nature of this young fella Eddie Jones aka Guitar Slim. Known to wear specially-tailored, brightly coloured suits with shoes and dyed hair to match. An assistant would follow him during his shows, carrying up to 350 feet of guitar cord, just in case Slim would decide to walk through the audience without missing a note. On occasion, Slim would ride on the assistant’s shoulders. He would sometimes take these strolls outside the club and into the streets, where it was not unusual for him to bring traffic to a halt. Slim began to experiment with newer guitar sounds that included distorted overtones – a full decade before Jimi Hendrix – that makes him a geezer – I’m not 100% sure, but from what I can gather this number was about in 1954 – anyone who can tell me otherwise, please do – so with that lack on info we’ll go back to this week ’54 for some trivia…

August 24 – The Brazilian president, Getulio Vargas, committed suicide after being accused of involvement in a conspiracy to murder a Brazilian Air Force officer. That’s not something that happens everyday!

25 – Elvis Costello was born today

Top grossing film was Rear Window starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly taking $31,559,601

Sh Boom (Life could be a dream, peaches and cream) was No.1 by the Crew Cuts in the US, and well pretty much every where

And a pair of space boots and helmet would have set you back $5.68

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