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Following the superlatively excellent debut EP, ‘The Oscillation Scene’ release, the year 2020 saw Singaporean Chillwave artist-producer, Houg, pushing his pop sensibilities and creative process through luscious grooves, collaborations, and an ever-growing canvas of visuals and vibrant textures that top each other with every single song release. This time, Houg has announced the release, ‘Metro (4:35)’,s the first single taken off his upcoming debut album.

Metro (4:35)’ was the first song Houg worked on for the upcoming full-length album. The single is based on the artist-producer’s vivid memory back in 2019, of every day in his time spent in Australia embracing its musical culture while having to work 6AM shifts as a part-time cook to get by. Houg says, “These early mornings made it particularly frustrating trying to immerse myself in the liveliest experiences of the music scene, which would run into the late nights. These frustrations were embodied in my “Metro (4:35)” experience – 4:35 being the time I started my day to do the necessary.”

The single’s faltering funk bounces between Houg’s thoughts of the work of survival and the hustle for the dream. Houg explains further, “Initially, I figured “eh, why not? Can’t be so hard to juggle just the two things right?”; but it did eventually take its toll on me. I remember my fear on many a 15-minute walk to the train station in the Melbourne cold – that I had lost the plot, constantly asking myself what I had gotten myself into by choosing this life.”

Metro (4:35)’ embodies the ironic clarity of Time and that particular moment of Houg at 4.35AM, Melbourne’s accompanying cold and contemplative walks revisiting conversations he had with himself. “It’s implausible, to work enabled me to breathe life into my music and get me to where I am, and this, in turn, gave me the purpose to work. It was never certain whether things have gone wayward or whether I’m on the right track, keeping the conversation with myself will keep me steady in any realignment. — In hindsight, I still don’t know what a more ideal situation might have looked like. ”

With the main theme, both lyrically and visually, on the concept of time and how it affects us, Houg looks forward to a string of releases leading up to his ’s upcoming debut album that is slated for release in  2022, together with performances that dig deeper and rise above.


“…Quixotic and romantic. But there’s an uncanny mingling of poesy, considered craft and openhearted longing that makes it a keeper. Nothing here is one-dimensional.”

–Indran Paramasivam, Bandwagon Asia 2018

Sameh Wahba is Chillwave artist-producer under the moniker, Houg. It was only in 2016 that he seriously started to make music, from a bedroom producer to playing his music for live audiences as part of major lineups in Singapore, as well as across Melbourne. 

Elements of Vaporwave, Trip Hop, Psychedelia, and Synth-Funk are distinct in Houg’s music. His music is inevitable – inspired and influenced by heroes Gorillaz, Jamiroquai,, Toro Y Moi, Chromeo, and legendary upstarts Kool & The Gang, Tears for Fears, and Portishead amongst many others, accompanying his journey of expression and reflection while navigating the personal realities of his life.

As an alumnus of both the SHINE Talent Development Programme, as well as NAC’s Noise Music Mentorship programme, Houg has already shared the stage with local juggernauts Linying, Disco Hue, Yung Raja, and Fariz Jabba. But he’s only getting started – With his 2019 debut EP ‘The Oscillation Scene’ under his belt, Houg looks forward to a string of releases leading up to his first full-length album that is slated for release in 2022, and performances that dig deeper and rise above. Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | Youtube

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