Sleep n Slurp

Written by on 02/02/2023

Anti inflammatory wrapped in antioxidant. The purge of Providence.

No seriously, when is it overkill? My apologies, and not my bad, as that is a term highly voted to be the purge of recent years. My apologies being the overkill comment in reference to how many posts we should be posting. But to hell, not heck, with the knockers and begrudgers, as many as I want.

Back to the anti’s – A berry and prune and more expensive fruits and nuts, removing all the lectins of course, are rammed daily into our psyche to uphold an anti deflation of health. Tumeric is the go of course, as in my own anti-gout song…


Mind you, talking to my mate the other daily, all ailments could be cured with weed, but that was a hippy-ade ago, now all roads lead to a good nights sleep and drink plenty of water.

And as we know, as every other day remedies for a good nights sleep are prone to clean sheets… nurse, noise, lighting, lavender, phone reduction, bath, milk, reading, golden milk with expensive almonds, make up, a good declutter, regularity, temperature and a healthy piss prior after having drunk all that water.

Your Honor…

More tips next time folks, sleep right, drink tight!

Don’t forget 2,800 press ups in Feb for a good cause… Shelter

This will not help sleep

P.s. I looked up an image typing sleep and water and there’s a product… of course there is!

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