‘All clear as mud heading into hi-vis season’

… It came to him at lunch. A particularly way-out west notion that would no doubt write itself. Spurred earlier in the week by an episode of Murder She Wrote while he settled down for a teatime curry, the revelation now all too clear. A veritable feast compiling a palatable 80’s throwback and home concocted korma to-boot. This bespoke dish far too tangy for mid-level wannabe spice adventurists believing korma was but a mild mustard coloured affair built on almond sweetness to allure shy conformists traditionally bent on nothing more ventured than exotic deep fried calamari rings. Farley’s rusks diners. Amateurs. No, his korma was armed to the crooked teeth with mischief and bulked with an unreasonable number of garlic bulbs not indistinguishable from small potatoes. Their presence alone unsettled those babied curry eating fraudsters clinging staunchly on garlic’s far too strung stereotypical odorous falsities. There in a mid-broccoli bite, aye, small trees too, on screen Angela Lansbury diverted the killer’s thinking and lulled his stance sideways to conceal Magnum’s entrance behind him via a 2nd floor window. Magnum in Murder She Wrote, surely this is not real, the spices much be too much, he tried another hunk of turmeric-stained tender chicken coated in thick creamy sauce and wiped the tears of joy from his eyes. This is unreal, the perfect melting pot of detective refinery infused like a Blue Mink tune blending racial harmony with a Benjamin Zephaniah symphony on cosmopolitan London. East might meet west in Istanbul’s culinary world but no one had fused a crime fighting combo like the German ex-Chancellor with a hankering for lip hair. He knew there, on that lone lunchtime sandwich with ripe tomato pips dripping down his front that if these old fruits could solve crime, then why couldn’t a genuine bonafide real fruit and on that notion thereby his revelation was born; a new detective on the scene and that detective would be a particularly juicy tomato. The tomato knows, the tomato’s worked it out, it always works it out, usually down his front. Right there, the world’s next iconic screen detective is a particularly juicy tomato… with maybe SpongeBob SquarePants as its side kick…

Moving on with this week’s sidekick, here’s the World News

true dat

It has taken the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) to get China and US together for chats at this week’s summit. Since 1993 the forum has rallied on free trade policies, streaming cargo port operations and creating business visas. Now top of the agenda is digital trade, whereby members such as Singapore, Chile, New Zealand and South Korea have a digital free trade pact. Countries with a universal barcode stamp of approval, groovy. And the Yanks and Chinks think so too. Double groove.

let’s just reflect on that

Saturdays is an optician in Indonesia, a very successful one. Opened in 2016 in Jakarta, yes, I did, it now has 49 shops, or accounting for the US’ influence in Indonesia, stores. Their key is affordable premium glasses, plus over half the shops has a cafe where you can drop in have a free eye test with no obligation to buy and a spicy nasi rawon while you’re at it. Home visits during covid proved so popular, they’ve kept them on, with testing’s and try ons and ripe tomato.

and that

In the Dubai Airshow Emirates bought up 95 Boeing with a mixture of 777xs and Dreamliners, unbelievably their first fat plane purchase. Saudi cashed in on 100 737Max’ but if you thought these countries had the region sewn up, enter India stage left with a mix of 470 Boeing and Airbus. The world just got smaller, again.

too much?

Kenya President William Ruto declared a national holiday for National Tree Growing Restoration Day. City dwellers are expected to plant two seedlings each in order to up the national tree coverage to 30%. Along with the natural environment benefits of reduced gasses and reverse deforestation they also qualify for a Monetary Fund Loan worth $500m, which of course you can bet your bottom dollar will all be spent on trees.

the bare front of it

Perhaps a little more credible is this week’s Web Summit in Lisbon. Expecting 70,000 folk from 153 countries, digital trade is the currency and the focus on environment. Berlin company Ecosia are a search engine who donate 80% of its profits to planting trees across the globe. Since 2009 they planted 180m worldwide. Christian Kroll says rather poignantly, ‘we want every citizen of Berlin to have a vote on whether or not their city should have more trees as this has a direct impact on their quality of life.’ – here here.

ok, that’s enough

Keep it turning keep it wheel, keep it radioPrimco.com

Till next weak folks – spelling correct.

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