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With this week’s Track of the Week from Ry Robson and …Get Evil The script, should you choose to read and not listen… Intro tune: Rekkit Song – Fontaines DC – Starburster The Dog Diaries Pt4 – first published as; It’s Time… Pt11 – But it’s gonna be… Keeping the Wheels on Track (as and […]

We dig this dude and have been playing his tunes since day 1, which was a Thursday I think. In fact the Laurent Schark Show has been a mainstay on radioprimco with his weekly show going back to 19 O’Chocolate, th same year he found his love for pancake making. He’s got a new tune […]

This week Prim n Cherry discuss dogs, dags and dorks and Cherry embarks on her first kill Featuring great tuneage as per and April Moon as the track of the week April Moon with Kirzy also appear on Tales from the Hip Pt13 available now

I met Jaime and Jason playing in the Cricketers Arms in Brinny a couple years ago. I use met in the looseness of terms, given I was at the bar, they played, I liked… a lot. Jason mentioned my Keep Calm and Barry Worm t-shirt (look him up) and all was fine and dandy. Oh […]

Two years since landing on Blighty’s shores – here’s the podcast for the first time. Should you like to read and see the pictures instead and or both (Ugh?), here’s a previous link

I met this cat Ted via e-tech eons ago. To meet in the flesh would be far too scary. I dug the music he was putting out there and have since. He’s a funny geezer too. We (RadioPrimco) played Acid Pussy way back when when 2016 was young and free, and now all couped up […]

just had a computer wigout, so bored of writing now – all you need to know is above

We’ve got old skool radio again meantime; Tales from the Hip is now available by membership only

Tales from the Hip is the second novel by Prim. The usual tales of murderous fun with wisps of the paranormal It is in fact a work in progress, given it is written and updated weekly. Now as audio only, though script on demand, it carries selected and original tuneage from variable sources – this […]

‘It Is… Pt.56 ‘cf’ … Ok, new format due – back to ‘It Is… ‘ and radio show – this Tales from the Hip little baby is garnering legs – big hairy ones, so full novel it is, available by subscription only – anything from $8 to 50 – to infinite dollars a year, your […]

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