It’s Time… It Is

Two years since landing on Blighty’s shores – here’s the podcast for the first time. Should you like to read and see the pictures instead and or both (Ugh?), here’s a previous link

‘into… – Tales from the Hip pg/pt 5’ ‘cf’ … ordinarily yes for sure, a sequence of events could unwrap a good ol’ fashion intro by setting scenes and giving a wistful character the nod, but hey, cold beans aint hot. Jax, in the meantime, grrr, from Durban’s Bread, alive alive oh, crying cockles and […]

‘into… Tales from the Hip pg/pt 2’ ‘cf’ … Despte wearing his most favourite socks to date, the obligatory Christmas edition from Daughter 1 with the gimmicky Simpsons, beer and doughnuts series, by far the best yet by means of softness, warmth and easy on the all-important shin fit. Despite this contented wallow in sock […]

‘into… Tales from the Hip’ ‘cf’ … On a rainy day in a small village in the north of England he sat staring at a screen wondering what to write. Only moments earlier he’d had it all figured out. Tales of grandeur induced flashbacks scurried by an impassive conscious while walking the dog. Ugh! Memories […]

‘On the red road to nowhere’ ‘cf’ … Half asleep… in frog pyjamas springs to mind, and if that isn’t a convenient as any sidetrack to kick off with then Bozo Bill doesn’t come from Peckham Hill. Tom Robbin’s classic on the other hand is available quick sharp on noodle search engine spelt G-o-o-g-l-e offering […]

‘All clear as mud heading into hi-vis season’ ‘cf’ … It came to him at lunch. A particularly way-out west notion that would no doubt write itself. Spurred earlier in the week by an episode of Murder She Wrote while he settled down for a teatime curry, the revelation now all too clear. A veritable […]

‘On the scale of 1-8 eat’ ‘cf’ … Alakazam, size of an octopus. Oh, fellow compatriots of London bus-waiters, that well known verb to wait for a bus, when Oliver Sudden, oh hang on and aye up, wouldn’t that be rad, a bus, a waiter; ‘tickets please’, ‘half a mild and a Babycham to Aldgate […]

‘sun eating dragons’ ‘cf’ … What in the wide, wide world of, what happened there, happened there? The clocks went back in the northern hemisphere, specifically Blighty, as if they go bonkers anywhere else, and without so much as a by your leave, all went very dark, cold and wintry. Such is the case, but […]

‘I want to be your only pet’ ‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ … It waited there, under the stairs. It knew he would arrive soon to strip the walls. It knew he was a he, but didn’t know if it was an it or a thing. It, we’ll give a capital for the benefit, isn’t concerned. Its […]

‘More beans Mr. Taggart?’ ‘I think you’ve had quite enough Prim’ … In the age of speckled grey where cynical boots fit snug, he pondered through the aisles of choice.  Choice wasn’t his virtue on today’s mission. He had come with purpose. A list, a time frame, a place to be with more to do. […]

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