Tales from the Hip pt10

Written by on 09/03/2024

Tales from the Hip is the second novel by Prim. The usual tales of murderous fun with wisps of the paranormal

It is in fact a work in progress, given it is written and updated weekly.

Now as audio only, though script on demand, it carries selected and original tuneage from variable sources – this week features Twitchy Wizards and Don’t Lift That Stone a folky mystic number attributing well to this particular scene

The first parts or pages have already been published free, here, Radio Primco and Soundcloud – hereonin access is via membership or subscription only – whatever is affordable. If you’re struggling to put a number on it, say $10 a year – not bad for a continuous feed of page turning fun with original music taboot.

Hope you continue to enjoy Jax’ adventure in Mexico and beyond

subscription available here

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