Tales from the Hip – track buster

Written by on 27/04/2024

Just thought of that and it’ll do… all off the hip folks

Track Buster – the perfect track saddling onto what’s going on in this week’s edition of Tales from the Hip

Ry Robson’s … Get Evil is the fit for Pt14 – what happens in Pt14 – buy Tales from the Hip and find out

…Get Evil comes from his 2016 album, Do Good, Get Good… (get it, got it, good)

I met Ry back in ’16 in Phuket, wow, what a musician and the energy, jeez, the fella’s got more bounce than a box of frogs.

If you like your boogie woogie blues roots crunch he’s your man.

Keep it turning, keep it wheel, keep it Radioprimco.com

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