Tales from the Hip Pt20 – Track Buster

Written by on 08/06/2024

This week’s Track Buster – When You Fall – by…?

Tales from the Hip

As a radio station you get sent heaps of tunes. It’s been a couple years since we were a full blown station, but and thank crikey, I still get a fair share of top tuneage… please don’t ever stop – if you’ve got it, I’ll play it!

Sometimes my filing system ain’t that great (what, really!) and some tunes get lost, mislaid and in this case mislaid, lost and un-labelled.

I love this track – When You Fall – but have no idea who its by. I have a feeling it is one from the South East Asian branch from my ol’ mate Natasha Loh (and Sarah) from Canglo Ltd, but I’ve no idea.

Meantime, this Track Buster lightens up a bit of a harrowing episode in this week’s Tales from the Hip Pt20, where Ol’ Pudgy Nose reveals his dark side – you’ll know what I mean if you’re into the book – available now –

All episodes available with text on request

P.s. big up to our pals at the great Brinscall Duck Race raising loot for Derian House

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