The Dog Diaries Pt9

Written by on 08/06/2024

It’s all happening here folks, you name we’re on it… apart from that bit, that bit and that bit.

But  we are, however, talking winking… Cagney… scratching (ooh, dat better)… bare chests… hats… and stuff

Tuneage from The Bohicas – FCuckers – Madlib and Home Counties – plus our Track Buster of the week, from we don’t know who because I’m crap at filing.

All roads lead to pluggin the good ol’ Tales from the Hip, so, if you’re interesting in buying it’s available now.

Plus from hereonin, till when it takes place on 14th July we’ll be saying hello to the great Brinny Duck Race raising fine loot for Derian House

Tales from the Hip to buy here…

plus, I’m working on a subscriptions page of about a quid a year, you know, to keep it turning, keep it wheel – here

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