Tales from the Hip Pt21 TrackBuster

Written by on 15/06/2024

Tales from the Hip Pt21 TrackBuster this week is Maxxfield – Further

I met this bloke in Phuket. He was a music teacher from Cannuck land, strutting his stuff about South East Asia.

I say strut, he glid mostly, like on wheels or hovered an inch above the ground, and moved motionless. It was pretty cool. He played a few solo gigs in the pubs and boom, could he play. Then knocked out an album under the alias Maxxfield, which we loved on RadioPrimco.

I don’t know about you, but I get a distinctive Ezra Furman meets Beck-esque vibe.

Anyhoo, we dig his tunes and this is a belter and is this week’s Tales from the Hip TrackBuster also to feature on The Dog Diaries Pt10

Find more from Maxxfield here… https://www.instagram.com/maxxfieldmusic/

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