Durban’s Bread snippets (#3) – Jax describes his demon

Written by on 09/09/2021

Extracts from Durban’s Bread – a true story of attempted murder and its consequences… a black comedy which could affect your morals

Each week we delve into a wee snippet from Durban’s Bread – be it textual, an audio clipping or in this week’s case… dun dun duuun… a video

Ok, I’m no film maker, unlike my mate Zo, who asked what I used to make this video… a potato?

But the point is there… here, Jax meets his demon

Honestly, I’ve got more hair than that…

Durban’s Bread on sale here

I’ve just realised, I’m in the same clothes as previous video’s, which isn’t surprising because they are my ‘pyjamas’ and this is in my house

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