‘Nothing like the smell of cows first thing in the morning’
‘Apackofcows Now’

Nothing quite like the smell of cows. It’s an early morning shaker. Stacked in a wholesome pungent plop of goodness.

Me, I’d shovel it in spades, build my house out of it, have it for tea. Vic and Bob may prefer an onion bahji, but would they, really. Chickens are a no go, untrustworthy little blighters. Their nutrients maybe a great source of nitrogen for your soil, but it comes wrapped in strong ammonia like old lady’s wee.

mackerel peri peri from Mackerel Man – strips of it

No, your cow pooh is grade A stink fresh from the cows bum to plate. Instant pie on a plate. ‘I don’t need a plate, I’ll take it as it is and stick it straight in my saddle bag, cut into strips, air dried – biltong stylee.’ – Boom, let’s go Dutch

Hey, thanks random stranger. There’s a smell in a patti that breathes life, intoxicating how it subtly filters through the air combing a reassurance of a rest easiness, eked with an ethereal expansion to the world of food, clothing, fuel, energy, and perfume.

Enough talking that, let’s see what of that is in the World of News

true dat

Cascadia Seaweed are Canada’s biggest kelp farmers and their boffins have been doing something special for the cows and us. Normally produced for spices and snacks this spring’s harvest of the seas finest crop will be its liquid extracted for plant food, a bio stimulant for crops if you like. This canny food supplement reduces methane emissions from cattle, which hang on, means less smell. Scandalous. Co-boss Michael Williamson is so confident of cleaning up with this product he states, ‘demand and variety of products is such that it would be a matter of co-operation, not competition.’ – Stop this madness I say, bring back the belch, we want the stink…

mackerel without seaweed

Indonesia’s 142km of High Speed track between Jakarta, no, she didn’t… and Bandung opens in August, a mere $1.2bn over budget. Part of China’s Belt & Road Initiative Project in SE Asia, this is just the beginning. Talks of 800km track to the port town of Surabaya depends on how much Indonesia want to be in China’s pockets. – Doggy bags and tissues – all that’s in my pockets.

Canada are refusing to play ball with big boys Google and Meta over local news content and negotiations with the media outlets on their content. Google who have similar deals in Europe and Australia state the Canadian Law to be, ‘unworkable’. Similar measures are likely to take place in Indonesia, South Africa, India, UK and US. – I think that basically means Google and the like have to pay for local news content and they don’t want to.

turkey penang

Egypt are Africa’s front running space nation thanks to a $142m grant from China to assemble and test a couple MisrSat 2 satellites.  The satellites will launch from China in October. Cairo is also HQ for the African Space Agency. Soon to be in their pockets are Ethiopia, Sudan, Algeria, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo. – That’s a lot of doggy bags folks.

what’s with all the foodie pics? – I don’t know, let’s have a some tall grass

Little big buns not cow-towing to China are Vietnam who have banned Hollywood’s film Barbie on account a scene depicting the ‘nine-dash line’ as territory in the South China Sea belonging to China. The area long claimed by Vietnam even before China found out it was rich in energy resources.

because we couldn’t spell apackofcows

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel – keep it radioprimco


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