‘waiting for Godot and 3 come at once’

… waiting, for what. he growled to himself. Waiting for Godot, Armageddon, the No.39 bus. Waiting for something drastic to happen, bombastic to happen, anything to happen. Waiting does no good. There’s a bull out there with your hands on it. Oh, pulling out all the stops are we now Cliché Kid. A woman walks by in the half light and presumes he’s talking to someone in the shadows. Just me he mutters, waiting for Hell to ice over, though I see we’re half way there, half our lake already has, it’s where the ducks sit. How do they not feel the cold. His mood sympathetically puzzled. Aye, and so it is, another turn of the earth and frost is back at the front door again, down the hall and half way up my trouser leg. You bet they’re on, long johns n all. What are we waiting for eh Cherry? He turns to the dog whose busy bent on sniffing out pre-dawns squirrels in the park, perhaps a deer, he’d just seen two dance past. How are there still mole holes. He returns to the ground. What do the moles do in frozen ground. Frozen in mid dig, like a moley Nirvana album cover. what are we waiting for eh? Out of nowhere a black cat with one white leg sauntered across his path on the icy wooden raised path resembling a jetty leading into the darkness of the woods. Nonchalant and cool the cat delicately trod, cat like. Its demur caught his tone mid ramble and with it captured time, space and the Universe. Where was I? I think you were waiting for the carrots to boil. Carrots, balder-by-buggary to them man, woman, people, it’s a thing, what am I doing here, how did I get in the kitchen, never mind the carrots or the bollocks, I’m on the boil. And why can’t the American sat nav lady say Saint instead of leading me down some Spanish street of confusion with Este Patrick Rd this and Este Lawrence that, what is Este. The Este to her I’ll be telling thee, aye. I’ll just go down St. Nicholas Road instead, then St Lawrences rd., St. Patricks, and where the… oh, I see St lar-dee-bloody-da David gets the whole saint pronunciation, what did he do to earn perfection. Oh, and looky here, we’re right back at Este Nicholas. That’s it, no more waiting for you to mess my global equilibrium miss sat nav lady, the waiting is over baby, waiting for you to get your hierarchy together, waiting for this, Este and that, waiting for my man, waiting for the man, waiting for the stars to fall, into your arms oh baby, that’s where I belong… Hold up, hold my calls, the adverts have finished, Minder’s back on the telly and we’ve no more time for this nonsense, roll the news n toonz…

 … rolling the World News

true dat

The first passenger flight using alternative fuel flew London to NY. No passengers, just Virgin owner General Custer and some chums. Carrying 50 tonnes of sustainable fuel consisting a mixture of crops, household waste and cooking oils, the notion finally taken off, the irony is there simply isn’t enough of the stuff, making the sustainable fuel unsustainable.

birthday party playlist

Good to see its off the ground though, and so too is Cathay Pacific who are back to 95% pre-pandemic levels. On the brink of collapse, Murdo Morrison, chief strategist at Flight Global stated of Hong Kong, ‘is not the autonomous and free-spirited territory it was, but conventions, concerts, tourists and Bankers flying business class are back’. Luckily, they were kept going by the cargo trade with a high demand for fresh produce from the region. Honestly, I’m not sure what we would have done without our aiwen mango, litchi and red guava.

moon night

HMV have returned to its headquarters at 363 Oxford Street, London. Streaming is great but folk want something to hold, people to talk to and get advice, to simply pay a visit somewhere, a venue to be amongst. Real shops folks, get ‘em while you can.

BKK have new shops, all in a new big building called Emsphere on Sukhumvit Rd. The six-story complex has a 6,000-seater concert hall, swim up pool bar in its beach club Tribe and air con which is for me at least a nice reprieve from the heat and hustle of downtown in the Big Mango.

Ok, lastly Google caved in and gave Canadian publishers CAN$100m as an annual sum by way of compensation for using local news organisations content. Now I’m not sure if I have something along these lines or I should keep quiet! We’ll just go out on a tune eh…

moon morning

Keep it turning keep it wheel, keep it radioPrimco.com

Till next weak folks – spelling correct.

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