TWTW…WAW! – Revisited (#8) – Tales From the Dark Side

Written by on 05/02/2022

Authors note: Tales from the Dark Side was a weekly play contrived from the Tales of Mrs. Doufries. An ongoing ramble of nonsense regaling the musings of Mrs Doufries as a time travelling private detective seeking Jimi Hendrix who is often found wandering in crazy fool’s garden. Peter Frampton is Jimi’s nemesis and part time devil… it’s difficult to explain

It Was Him


Soundbyte – Alice Russell!

Intro music – Tales of the Unexpected

Tales from the Dark Side

Adapted from…The Tales of Mrs. Doufries

It was Him

A Play of the Day by Jimmy Hill (Prim plays The Chin) and Phil Drabble (Prim playing Phil from One Man and his Dog fame)

It is Him

(first aired 30th july – 5th august 2010)

The scene: A balsamic vinaigrette puddle wallows in the grey/black tarmac as evening falls over the country lane. From the reflection of a rusty bike frame, its wiry spokes turn and the puddle ripples with glee as it’s day has been satisfactorily tickled by the last ride of contentment and into the night shall it dissipate, through the grainy cracks of disrepair and time and down into the core of the earth where coldness and perpetual darkness prevail… where Frampton waits…

Narrator: I’m sorry, but that’s all we have time for this week, – however, we do have time for this

Bowie – Five Years

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars 1972 – but I’ve played this before and told you about so why not go back and have a look – what fun that would be

Here endeth the script

TWTW…WAW! Revisited was this week brought to us by Durban’s Bread – Prim’s best selling novel – a tale of attempted murder and its consequences – a black comedy that will affect your morals

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