‘Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal
‘Tony ‘Gordon’ Bennett’

A couple degrees is all required to wind the windows, infest a wound and flood the winding conjugations of your mind.

…Like a never ending tunnel, like a snowball in the breeze, da da dee, like whatever he goes on about in the trees, like the windmills of your mind…

into the green

Arch footwear, support of the ages, for the aged. No longer shall fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion be draped in whirls of jaunty colours embroiled in cutting edge. Olive green brand names had but a choke-hold once upon a fad, but those days are over. Now fresh breath misting over flip flops with an arc support are on. You dig?

…like a tunnel that you follow like hollow in a camel… what? What? What?

rambo country

On recent loops of Lancashire’s finest this past week Balcarres turned heads. Names of pubs, roads and ball-bollocks-carres everywhere you look.

But hold the front page, I’ve got the zig, a bit like ye ol’ what’s been getting up my goat, in my wick and on my ear days, all because technology is unfurling wrongens, making simple tasks, such as switching this here radio station on… bear with me. It shouldn’t bother, I’m just ranting out loud. Meantime, grrr, Blacarres turns out to be a Jock Earl who built a castle. And enough said about that the better.

those trees are getting closer

Moving swiftly onto the weather in and out of the Balcarres Arms in Wigan; there will be hints of scotch egg with a no slippers and socks front. Shorts and T-shirt throughout, with the occasional removing of the fleece.

positively balmy

Swiftly moving on, as opposed to moving swiftly on… on to World News before it all caves in…

The Greeks are going to the polls on 21 May. All of them. Well nearly. With a population of 10.6m a whopping 9.8 are registered to vote! That can’t be right, surely. It is. With 36 parties and coalitions to choose from, one party not going to the party are the National Party. Their boss is serving a 13 and half year sentence for murder and assault coupled with criminal connections to organized crime outfit Golden Dawn. So only .8m are too young to vote eh – fake, surely. Don’t ask me, I just write the stuff.

it’s all Greek to me

Meanwhile, grrr2, at the next Shanghai Corporation Organisation, China, Russia and Iran plan to escalate the Cold War. Yes, there is one if you hadn’t noticed. But it is ok to take off the fleece now and then. China continue to sew global seeds with roots across the planet enough to make Orangeman blush, though he emphatically denies even knowing the wacko stone cold-crazy liar. With China cultivating an embassy on the Solomon Islands the US have been forced to reopen their embassy in Tonga in order to get a grip on the Specific.

… Is the sound of distant drumming just the fingers of your hand?…

Norway are searching for hydrocarbons in the Barents Sea (what do they look like?). A mixture of social conscious and necessity to fuel the world since Russia and Ukraine made heating homes too expensive. France in turn upped their nuclear capacities while Germany are switching off their reactors. Make of that what you will, but I’m cutting and stock piling wood. It’s what I do.

there’s hydrocarbons in there

Austin, Texas have taken the moral high ground to halt plans for an 80 story sky scraper with 450 apartments and settled on 45 floors instead. Not only do they have brilliant bars and music on 6th Street, but now some sense from those level headed Austonians. Skyscrapers may seem to save space, but natural sunlight at ground level is necessary, thus putting people, neighbours and streets are draped in the shadows, creating a solitude of upness, which is a word I just made up…nae.

don’t send me back into the woods

More and more American Italians are returning ‘home’ or at least applying for dual nationalism. Up 5 fold since 2016, there are 3,700 applications pending from NY in March this year alone. Jus Sanguinis (right of blood) offers good bets, demanding unbroken lineage in order to procure the good life, which is a night with Felicity Kendal.

I think I’m done – tired and hungry now.

told yer

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel – keep it radioprimco


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