‘Forgot about this bit’
‘Don’t know who’

neither here nor hair

Our indecision is final. Ain’t that the truth… or is it. Who knows?

Sixes and sevens is where I’m at this week. Aye, had one of those weeks. Not sure if to or fro-ing, coming or going, Aces high or low or if pots and pans really are if’s and and’s – you better believe it; Cliché Kid is in town; reach for your unawares.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that the nights are now drawing in which keeps sun and sense asunder.

Sixes and sevens, I recall is a reference to London’s Leadenhall Market regards a rivalry between the Skinners and Merchant Taylors who bickered relentlessly about their positions before being decreed by law to use places 6 & 7 alternately. Stuff, it’s good to know stuff. Put that on proverbials kids.

back and over there

On that note, I’ll leave this week there for now and go back to this week back then in 2014 when we were Q4Radio and That Was The Week…What A Week was all-semi about mountains – some good bits and some not so, with a couple of cracking stories and some very banging tunes… listen at your peril, while doing the hoovering or dusting, maybe while dusting your perils…

Back to now and this week’s World News

true dat

Aviation’s on the up, which is a good thing, you know, that’ being the idea and all. There will be a boom (in sales, let’s not put the mockers on it yet) over the next 20 years with some 40,850 new planes. Most will replace old ones however, 23,680 are fresh new worldwide add-ons. India and China being the bulk buyers. That’ll make it quick and easier to avoid each other.

this way

Paris is the planets biggest airshow, which has not been seen for the past four years – pah, no doubt the French will blame the pandemic on that. It’s big – 2,500 exhibitors from 47 countries. And half a dozen Aliens sniggering in the invisible for mash get smash mobiles. ‘Argh, those humans, they still have wings, time zones and help yourself to pot noodles’.

you coming

Back down to earth and Rail Baltica are laying down their electrified double track from Warsaw and 870km’s later to Tallin. 2030 that should be ready. If I recall correctly, Helsinki will burrow a tunnel connecting Finland for the first time to the European rail network. Stuff, see. Lots of stuff to know.

where’d you go?

HCMC are on the road with their Belt Road 3 due by 2026. The 76.3km ring road is like a giant spaghetti junction connecting the East and West extremes of the city. Vietnam is possibly one of the fasting changing nations on the planet. Are they still stealing the silver cutlery from Air France on landing back home?

turn the lights on

Climbing Mount Fuji season is open and is, sadly, going to be massive. Heading from years off-piste due to the pandemic, crikey, are we sick of that excuse yet, and now being the 10th anniversary since declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the place is going to be ram-packed, ugly and unsustainable. Still the ramen will be better that a pot noodle. Can you still get a pot poodle in Korea? Hoisting your loins up the 3776m hill is all well and good but as a wise Japanese saying goes, ‘A wise man climbs Mount Fuji once but only a fool climbs it twice’

somewhere not over Mt. Fuji

Right, you know what – cold beans aint hot – I think I’ll leave it there.

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel – keep it radioprimco


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