‘Don’t run till you see the blues of his eyes’
‘Bill Teachtoldyouso’

…a rounded stone moved, just ever so.  Off circular in shape, large enough to fill an adults hand, freckled silvery grey on a smooth black backdrop. Not alone, but sat disjointed atop two other stones of similar size, darker in colour harbouring a freckle-less plain nature; just stones, resting in the searing sun. But the apex stone wasn’t resting, it moved. It wobbled its buttocks on the other two stones, jostling for position. Like huddling eggs on a cumin dusted expanse of rock. But they weren’t eggs, they were stones, sat rigid, unmoving, as stones do. It’s what stones do isn’t it?

Dotted north- west of the unmoving stones ochre stalagmites, eroded in dry windswept folds littering the landscape. Spanning right, their size incomparably scaled to the unmoving stones. Stones don’t move, do they? These guarding mesas outposts cursed by the unforgiving elements, stunted in stature, void of bulk to cast neither shadow nor judgment on the unmoving, moving stones. Time stopped, motionless in a still air. And from deep within the earth’s bowels a complaint rumbled. The motionless stone winced again, ever so slightly. The groups middling cluster formation tilted, all three stones, once fervent chums, shifted with the underground grumble. The bottom right stone fell and rolled on the flat ground, helplessly splayed from its old chums. Dust shook from the surrounding Hoodoos, while the sky’s cobalt sheet hazed over by the flurry of falling debris and was vehemently sucked into the creaking moans. A crack tore through the tableland’s surface. Spiders legs tentatively emerged, crawling searching, multiplying en masse, probing, curious, gathering and combing into a mass of hair, black, thick  protruding through the crack, quick now, spreading out over the dusty ground, growing out and rising up from the dust. Entombed amidst this hirsute eruption two sunken bolts of maddening blue pierced the jet woven surge of wool and in an instant it exploded onto the surface wiping any peace to the heavens. A boom of laughter shattered the decaying dome guards. Follicles of fury and sulphur stood proud like a colossal tempest. Ribbons of firecrackers attached to a platted beard and straggling strands of hair jettisoned with cracks and sparkles in every direction. In the body that followed its left hand clutched a lit fuse jutting out from a cricket ball, primed and fizzing, and in its right a cricket bat hoisted hip high. Throwing the ball in the air Blackbeard took one step back, roared once more and smashed the ball to Ashes…

…and quick ladies and gentlemen, before he comes back, let’s World News it…

true dat

New York City streets are getting bigger, well they will soon as Chief Public Realms Officer (what?) gets her hands on a $375m budget to broaden pedestrian sidewalks, widen cyclists lanes, cram in public plazas and free up traffic spaces – where’s Johnny Cabs gonna go? – $500m has already been decreed to broaden Broadway Junction… there ain’t nothing like a broad… or was that dame… Imagine the games of street cricket you could play there. Or perhaps baseball. But maybe cricket, given Major League Cricket started in the USofA on 13 July.

space outside my front door… it is my front door… how dare you

Spanish fashion giants Inditex who own Zara, Massimo Dutch and Pull & Bear are expanding into the US with 30 new retail projects. Well, there’ll be room on Broadway… there ain’t nothing like a… doh! – In line for some of this Inditex action is NY, San Fran, Boston and Baton Rouge… waiting on a train…Sustainable targets all one and all with net-zero emissions each and all by 2040, th th th that’s all folks – net-zero emissions, really, which as we know, no one really understands exactly what that means or more’s to the point how it is calculated… except maybe Bobby McGee…

net-zero emmissions, apart from the sheep… and cows… and farmer Giles, crumly can he blow… and…

Malaysia and Singapore are in talks again for a high-speed train which will cut travel by 90mins between each country. Talks were suspended after Malaysia’s 2018 election, but are now back on as Fauzi bin Rahman, the non-executive chairman (what does that mean?) of Malaysia’s state run MyHSR company who will run the talks and eventual project, says, ‘It will bring tremendous benefits to the people.’ – You know what? Politicians… cor eh… when it suits eh… one big playground game eh… and we vote for them eh… huh… Kenny Everett them all Hollywood actors are going on strike, which will… oh hang up – I’ve gone on too long here in text – for more news and tunes, tune into the audio, where there’s lots more… such as what goes on in Aspen stays in everyone’s TV/ Angola and DRC lines/ Latin America/ Norway/ and Sweden…

This week’s gummings with those added axtras

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel – keep it radioprimco


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