I met Jaime and Jason playing in the Cricketers Arms in Brinny a couple years ago. I use met in the looseness of terms, given I was at the bar, they played, I liked… a lot. Jason mentioned my Keep Calm and Barry Worm t-shirt (look him up) and all was fine and dandy. Oh yeah, and these cats can play.

Each week I rely on the powers that be to enter the Tales of the Hip vortex and find a tune suitably fit for that edition; Happy Place ticks this box this week.

In turn, they shall also feature on this week’s blog of the yet untitled pod, which is leaning heavily towards The Dog Diaries

I’ll not keep you any further and hope you like this track as much as we do… and don’t forget to support live music – Take it away April Moon with Kirzy – Happy Place

Alt-country duo APRIL MOON collaborate with folk/pop artist KIRZY on release of new single

Happy Place

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Canadian duo Jaime April and Jason Moon, operating under the banner of APRIL MOON, release their new single ‘Happy Place’, in collaboration with Harry Kirzynowski (Kirzy) from the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.   The song has been played on BBC Introducing Radio and earned a spot on Amazing Radio’s featured pop playlist.

Ramblin’ along with the help of ukulele and simple percussion, the optimistic, summertime vibe of ‘Happy Place’  summons a longing for simplicity and the comforting familiarity of a favourite holiday spot or childhood memory.  Influenced by the light, bouncy sounds of artists such as Ed Sheeran or George Ezra, this song captures the contentment of standing still for a moment in this mad world and the beauty of simple pleasures.

As Kirzy explains, “We all met on the island of Fuerteventura and I wanted us to write a song that makes you feel like you’re on holiday in the sun. I wanted to capture that feeling of returning to your happy place, after a long winter away.” 

Liverpool based duo APRIL MOON met Brighton born Kirzy on the Canary Island while playing music at local bars several years ago and knew that their music styles would be an interesting combination although this is the first time they’ve attempted songwriting together.

“We were all out having a drink to discuss plans to write together and stumbled upon the line ‘and the sun goes down and comes back up again’ and I just knew that was the hook right away.”  Jason Moon recounts. 

“I absolutely love that line!” Jaime April agrees, “It’s like it symbolizes this idea that happiness is a continuous and renewable experience and everytime we come here, it feels like a new beginning.”

This is the first single from APRIL MOON since receiving a funding grant from Help Musicians to support the release of a series of singles expected out this year.  Their most recent releases ‘Part Of The Game’ and full-length album ‘The Other One Was You’ started to explore a more Americana / rootsy sound than their previous rock and folk offerings although the pair aren’t afraid to dip their feet back into the folk/pop world, as can be heard in ‘Happy Place’.  

“I never set out trying to stick to a certain genre” says Moon. “I think our stuff often fall between the cracks of so many different genres, I like to just let the song go where it wants to and see what happens”

Collaborating with another songwriter is something that is new to APRIL MOON as well but a challenge they have been interested in taking on, ever since bringing in Jo Pue to play fiddle for their last single ‘Part Of The Game’. 

“It’s funny actually” laughs April, “Jason and I have such a shorthand when songwriting together, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like bringing in someone else.  I can be pretty stubborn with my ideas but Harry’s obviously worked with lots of musicians and all three of us found the give and take quite easy and there was a lot of laughter.  Not to mention how interesting it was to just see how someone else goes about putting a song together from the ground up.”

Kirzy is a singer-songwriter from Brighton, UK and got his start busking on the street at the age of fourteen.  Although he had planned on studying maths in uni, he fell in love with the people and landscape of Fuerteventura during gap year travels and started to play music full-time in local music venues. 

Six years on and Kirzy’s played hundreds of shows in the Canaries, Europe, and released a variety of original songs and covers that have a modern, folk-pop sound and often touch on the themes of travel and wanderlust. He’s known for collaborations with a variety of artists and his stunning music videos which capture the beauty of the island he has come to call home.

Hailing from the vast prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, Jaime and Jason (APRIL MOON) fell in love with the UK while on tour with a previous band, and when that band and their marriages to other people imploded at the same time, they decided to explore the UK’s vibrant music scene on a more permanent basis.  With a shared enjoyment of clever, quirky lyrics and big harmonies, Jaime and Jason quickly found that they brought out the best in each other’s songwriting.  APRIL MOON like to call their genre Canadiana – think Americana, but with a big helping of northern charm that oozes through their style of storytelling and lyrics, creating a vivid world around these two that makes you feel right at home. 

APRIL MOON’s recent string of live gigs which included support spots for Ian Prowse and Amsterdam in Chester, shows at the iconic Cavern Club in Liverpool, the Atkinson Theatre in Southport, the Wardrobe in Leeds and the Bedford in London will be followed up this year with several festivals and supports for touring artists such as the Sam Roberts Band in Liverpool and Deep Dark Woods in Manchester. 

Please contact Jaime April for interviews and further info. 


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