It’s Time… plus Prim & Cherry Go…

But it’s gonna be… Unshackled Tether Me Nae ‘Don’t shoot till you see the rectangle of their eyes’ said Jonesy reminiscing about the fuzzy-wuzzies at the revolutionary War in It Ain’t alf Hot Mum back in 19 O’ Chocolate. An Irish Nun used to say that to me at school way back in 1974, ‘Always […]

But it’s gonna be… Conflicting The Great Leveller ‘Let them eat petrol’ As Mary Antoinette once famously said. Aye, it’s a tricky moral high ground that questions a pro-Golfer’s participation in Saudi Arabia… or is it? You talking golf fool? Yes, and the double-bubble purse being splashed for half the graft to play golf in […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Wait for It ‘What you doing in there?’ ‘Waiting’, ‘Ugh huh, yeah, I thought so.’ ‘I said waiting’. Argh yes, a great line from a great 80’s film, Party Party. And exactly how this week’s panned out. And now for some forms… Moving into a rental is not all it’s cracked […]

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