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…or take a chance on the Wake n Bake bash. Today with LS-Invest.Asia Lumps of it around the back. full live schedule here/

WnB’s What’s for Tea Wednesday’s; it’s like Wagyu for dogs Today with Chow Pet Foods

Beware, today’s gig uses a little bit of garlic… with The Speakeasy Yacht Club and Restaurant

Monday 1 – 0 I Knew That WnB today with Lady Pie

Blooming marvellous and other stuff you’re growing… Today’s bash with Blue Gecko Phuket

Day the Bananas Ran Out – that FB album cover thing we’re doing with choonz – check this wee bairn… LD Albums today with LS-Invest.Asia

That FB album a day thing – too difficult with everyday growing into one, plus we like to hear the choonz. So we’ve plucked a track from an album that has influenced us and will do till we get bored (never). We’d also like to nominate YOU… you hum it, we’ll play it. Today’ chosen […]

We may not be live streaming 24/7 at the moment, but there’s plenty in the pantry to keep up us going; shows from DJ’s pages, shows from our soundcloud link, audio books and more… These ladies are also keeping Phuket’s mutts healthy and happy and deserve a medal… Check out their exceptional tucker and services […]

Direct from Trigger’s Stable Ok, we all know that the Grand National Hurdle was cancelled this year but a virtual race will go ahead at 5.00pm (UK time) Saturday the 5th. See below, Virtual Grand National I will allocate a horse to each member of Triggers page and then to other users who sign up […]

Prim’s very own magic healing, mind blowing, bottle of stuff that’ll cure all ailments – try it today – listen here for a free sample, yes folks, free, free, freeee…

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