Wake n Bake

Hoary, holy or sweet basil, grow your own – if you’re growing your own, give us a tinkle; plants, food, music, beards… Meantime Primco Cottage Pie at The Hardstand today – Friday is pie-day

Choppin’ up some Chopin today on the WnB; along with the usual features , followed by PP, DW, DP, PF and more… ugh!

Wake n Bake to start your day followed by all the usual shenanigans from Plausible Paula, to DW Mag, Doc-Pods, Professor Funkenstein and more…

With a little bit of this and a little bit of that plus a bit about Primco Cottage Pies featuring at The Hardstand in Phuket this Friday

Tip-top, ding-dong, ticketyboo

Our Rugby World Funky XV features on the WnB Gig today – better get on the good foot. And as if ny magic, here is our RWC Funky XV…

like sausages and ham, Desert Boots were the essentials of youth… still are and happy to have them back

Being British National Curry Week, we made a chicken korma on a Tuesday and that’s what’s left… till we finished that too, yum yum. Today is chops of course for Choptober, which should normally be sausages… savvy!?

hero fool, hero

Tales From The Dark Side The scene: fool and Ben Gunn are relaxing on their island: fool: can you smell bacon? Ben Gunn: No, that’s just me burning my feet fool: Why you burning your feet? Ben Gunn: Cos it smells like bacon! fool: Oh… cook me some Narrator: Wiling away the hours was contrived, […]

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